Workshop / Photo studio

2015, the photo studio is operational! 100 m², 5 m high ceilings, daylight facing south (southern hemisphere) ...

Fragments #1 / The Review

The first issue of Fragments portrays Tremblet the village, in the district of Saint-Philippe, on the island of Reunion.
For 7 consecutive days, the authors were to meet the inhabitants, to give their vision of the village border journalism, diary and poetry. This work was conducted in residence in January 2015.

The photographers who made this issue are:
- Morgan Fache
- Eric Lafargue
- Romain Philippon
- Antonio Prianon

The texts are signed by François Gaertner.

Futur studio photo en cours de construction

Finaliste GoSee AWARD 2014 FASHION & STYLING

Lauréat 2014 « des photographies de l’année »
Lauréat 2014 « des photographies de l’année » catégorie Mode et Beauté.