Photographer, from more than 26 years, Eric Lafargue is based in Réunion Island, Indian Ocean. Today he can benefit from is large experience of photographic pictures in fields as diversified as culture, industry, communication and advertising. However, fashion photography remains is favorite playing field and he has became a reference in this sector which touches fine art, research of the perfect lights, the conjure between creation of glamorous ambiance, the dream within his sensitive and emotional space , to touch the magical of the moment…


Specialized in the field of culture, communication, fashion, and social photography for the press.

Cinematographer and video film production director.




April 2020, Exhibition of portraits for the Abbé Pierre Foundation

2019, “Furniture” exhibition with Céline Delacourt at TEAT Ile de la Réunion

2018, “Mirabilis Imago” exhibition with ANNAF Galerie de la Réunion, Paris

2015 collective exhibition “Fragments” House of the Saint-Denis Region

2015 books “fragment” residency work carried out in January 2015

2014 “Manga” exhibition in Berlin, Galerie Kaufhaus Jandorf Berlin, photo nominated for the GoSee Award 2014

2012 La Galerue Gallery, Saint-Denis Reunion

Publication of reports produced in the Mascarene region, Southern Africa and Asia for Océan Indien magazine, Escale magazine, Bat Carré, l'Express, Gallimard Éditions, Vogue France, Les Échos, Terre Sauvage magazine, WWF magazine... Many reports in Madagascar but also in Reunion, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mozambique Island, South Africa, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia...



Winner of the french professionnal awards of art photography in 2014, "Les Photographies de l’année" this consecration pushs him today to share his own vision of fashion photography

Finalist GoSee awards 2014 Fashion & Styling